Tips to Combat New School Year Anxiety

tips for new school year nerves
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Let’s talk about tips to combat new school year anxiety. Wow, it’s September already. I cannot believe it. With the new month comes a new school year. I’m going to give 5 tips for BOTH students and teachers. 

As the seasons change, and a new year starts, students and teachers are dealing with the nerves that come with it. It’s probably more pronounced this year because it’s the first time in almost 3 years that they’re all back in the classroom together. With Covid still at least in the back of both teachers’ and students’ minds, I think it’s safe to say this post is timely. 

Before we can address how to combat the nerves, we need to at least think about what they may be. What’s causing the nerves? Is it just Covid remnants? I would say no. There are always nerves when starting something new, and a school year is no different. For students, it’s about not knowing the teacher right away. They don’t know if they will like the person. For teachers, it’s a similar situation with students. Each student is different, so the learning starts for both parties even before the books are opened. Talk about nerve-wracking!

Another reason for the nerves is if either the teacher or student is in a brand new school. Not knowing the lay of the land is just as tough as not knowing people in the new place. Talk about adding to the bundle of nerves. What about the teacher who’s just starting their first year fresh out of school? That’s another possibility. As you can see, there are so many different scenarios. So how do you combat these? 

5 Tips to Combat New School Year Anxiety for Teachers

Prep as much as you can in the weeks before

Lean on your support system both in school and out

Find ways to practice self-care (journaling, exercise, meditation)

Go to events designed to get you familiar with a new school, if you’re new. 

Set aside time each day with students to get to know them once the school year starts.

5 Tips for Students

Talk to your parents or guardian about how you’re feeling

If you have friends going to a new school with you, get together and try to figure out the school setup before starting.

Attend any events that allow you to interact with new classmates so you can get to know each other.

Once school starts, talk to your teacher(s) about anything that you’re having trouble with. It doesn’t have to be about the lessons. It can be about anything.

Try to make at least one friend in the first few weeks. If you can, work together to make things less emotionally straining for you both. 

Here’s an article from the Mind Child Institute on Back to School Anxiety in kids, and how to combat it!

As you can see, the anxiety that come with a new year are not just regulated to teachers or students. It can affect anyone. The trick is to figure out what triggers your nerves and then find ways to help yourself cope. I’m not saying that it’s easy. Quite the opposite. I will say that once you figure out what makes you nervous, you can use a few of the tips in this article to get through it and get your new year off to a thriving and positive start! I hope you liked this article about 5 tips to combat new school year nerves.

For a bit more help, check out my piece on The Benefits of Meditation. It may be super helpful to you AND your kiddos!

Until next time, be well and namaste!

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