There are no shortcuts

This week was a ROUGH week. Things went sideways, even here on the blog. I was going to take a shortcut and use AI for a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, I re-wrote a good majority but I needed help so I turned to ChatGPT. The funny thing is, there are no shortcuts. That’s right, not even here at the Grotto. This is true even in our wellness practices.

Think about the ways you practice wellness. Do you meditate, have a yoga practice, or practice mindfulness? If so, you know that a shortcut may seem like a good idea, but it lessens the impact of such practices.

No Shortcuts

Shortcuts are sometimes a great thing. They help us get things done. They can be a great way to get our day in order. Sometimes, they can help us get back into practice if we’ve been out of it for a while. What they CAN’T do is be a substitute for a full practice, whatever it may be.

There are no shortcuts in life that are entirely worth it. While they can be helpful, when it comes to certain aspects of our lives, when it comes to wellness, it’s not a good practice.

How to Avoid Taking Shortcuts

  • Plan things out
  • Find others to help you if possible
  • Let yourself falter and NOT get everything done each day. Yes, this is a thing!
  • Give yourself enough time during the day
  • Remember that not all shortcuts are bad but relying on them isn’t a good idea

In addition, I wanted to say, if you stumble and make mistakes by taking shortcuts, it’s okay. Again, not all shortcuts are bad. I learned this week that the shortcut I took backfired on me because I was looking for an “easy way out”. In fact, read my article on how Mistakes are Not Failure for more tips!

Finally, when you look at your routines and practices, finding ways to make them more meaningful is a great goal. Finding shortcuts to get your practices in more frequently is also a wonderful idea. Just don’t rely on them IN your practice(s) because it lessens them and the benefits you get.

Until next week, be well and namaste!

12 thoughts on “There are no shortcuts”

  1. Mistakes are not failure is so true! I think a lot of people are opting for AI to make things “easier” but I find that the amount of work needed to reword/re-structure the information makes it take 10 times longer than writing a post freehand so to speak! It can be an amazing tool but also frustrating when it “should” make things quicker and it doesn’t. Shortcuts often do end up taking a lot longer in the long run! Great post!

    1. Hi Katherine!

      So good to see you again! It literally took me longer to “rewrite” some stuff with the AI than it would have taken to just do the whole thing on my own. I scrapped all my AI drafts because it’s just not going to be helpful. I think for blog post titles, AI will help but not for full posts 🙂

  2. This is a great lesson and reminder! Failure can feel like a setback when it’s really just a learning experience. I am definitely someone who struggles with this and needs the reminder. Love the tips for how to avoid having to use shortcuts. I look forward to reading more articles!

    1. Hi Julie!

      So good to see you back in the Grotto! I learned a hard lesson this week. Do not take shortcuts, especially with your blog and business. They are not always worth it, in the end. Failure is never a bad thing. I see it as a learning and growth opportunity!

  3. This is so true! I know there are times when the to do list seems long or I just want things to be right…right now that I try to rush things. However, that does not get the best results and I believe more in getting it right. For me my well being and everyone else’s is also a priority. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Lindsey,

      I think I was trying to make things a bit easier since I have been so strapped for time lately. The problem was that what I turned out with the AI was NOT me. It was not really my writing (even though I tried to make it work) and the voice/tone was all wrong. Much better off doing it myself 🙂

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