The Power of Three

As anyone who knows me well also knows how much I love the TV show Charmed. The sisters are known as “The Power of Three.” This week, I’m going to talk about this in the frame of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Care. I will use the abbreviation P3, also from the show at times to cut down the repetition.

First, a bit of background. I grew up watching the original Charmed iteration. It premiered during my freshman year of high school and ended my senior year of college. The show that centered around 3 (eventually 4) sisters who battle the forces of darkness after their Grams died. They are known as The Charmed Ones. They use their powers separately but when the need arises they can call on their collective powers which is called “The Power of Three”.

So why am I using this idea and my love for this TV show to talk about meditation, mindfulness, and self-care? This is because I believe tying all these three practices together can be your power of three!

How can you combine these three practices? In previous entries I’ve talked about each of them on their own. Each practice has it’s own benefits so I won’t go into specifics again. I do want to touch on why I love the idea of combining them though.

The Power of Three

When it comes to practicing meditation, mindfulness, and self-care, they often go hand in hand in hand. (See what I did there?) Often times, meditation leads to mindfulness and both are part of a thriving self-care routine. I believe that by practicing these three things, it will not just help your mental health, it’s going to improve it! Check out my article on mental health here.

Formulate Your Power of Three Practice

How can you put this all together form your own P3 practice? Start small. Start with a 5 minute practice each day while incorporating at least one self-care activity to go with it. As you build your practice, you’ll be able to build onto each session and make it stronger.

When you look at your practice whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned practitioner, you can still combine your practices together and create your own P3.

Well, that’s it this week! Until next week, start creating your own P3 practice and let me know how it’s going in the comments! Until next week, be well and namaste!

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  1. I’d not seen your perspective of meditation leading to mindfulness. The 3 Ps are indeed interconnected.Also love the start small advice. Helps build a healthy habit that’s sustainable. Instead of attempting to meditate for 30 minutes then getting stressed; about self-care. 🙂 Thanks for a good applicable post

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