The Best Ways to Rediscover Yourself

rediscover yourself from within
Look inside to rediscover yourself!

This week’s topic was inspired by a good friend of mine. She recently confided in me that she felt that she had lost a bit of herself, recently, and wanted to work towards rediscovering who she is.  As we were talking, we thought of some of the best ways to rediscover yourself. This is what we came up with!

First, a bit of background on my friend

She became a mum for the first time last year, is married to a wonderful and supportive husband, and has a stable job. While all these things are great, she found that she was disconnecting from parts of not only her mental life, but her spiritual life too. This made her sad. As a mom, she knew the things that she needs to do, but she was also feeling a disconnect from things that she once loved. I was so sad to hear her say this. I know her very well, and adore her very much!

As we were talking, she told me about some of these things, and I won’t go into many of them in the interest of privacy. I only want to talk about some of the spiritual struggles. She and I are both Reiki practitioners. We both love the practice. She especially finds it to be a wonderful and fulfilling part of her life. Unfortunately, my friend started to feel disconnected from it after a good friend of hers, and her mentor seemed to just cut her out of communication. As you can imagine, this hurts. It’s never easy when we lose someone we have become so connected to. I think it’s safe to say this made things worse.

My friend also has other, more personal struggles that she deals with so it was like adding insult to injury. She asked me, how can I rediscover parts of myself that I think I’ve lost? Over the course of the subsequent conversation, I came up with a few ideas that I want to share with you, my audience today. It’s my hope, and I would say hers too, that these ideas are some of the best!

Ways to Rediscover yourself

Take time away from others-This can be as little as a few minutes a day to connect with one part of yourself, from the inside.

Meditate for 2 min-Literally, that is all it takes to center yourself, sometimes. Give yourself a minute to breathe. This can clear the mind, and release at least some stress.

Talk to your partner/family, etc.- Talk it out with a supportive person in your life. Let them know how you’re feeling. They may not have advice, but getting your feelings out may help start you on the path to rediscovery.

Locate something that brings your mind and spirit back to something you think you lost. Frequently, this is spiritual in nature.-For my friend, it’s tarot, herbs, and most things “witchy” It helps her to start down her path again. And finally,

Journal it out! I talked about journaling in a previous episode, but I truly believe that writing things out and charting a path to rediscovery this way is key! Share it if you want to, or keep it private. That’s up to you. The idea here is to get a clear idea of what your path is now, and where you want it to go. 


These are not all the ways to rediscover yourself, but these are sometimes the most accessible. I remember after my friend and I talked, she said she felt a bit better. My hope is that you, as my listeners feel better about your path too. It’s important that through life’s inevitable changes, we recognize that we also change, but there is always a way back to parts of ourselves we “think” we lost. Do you know why? Because we never really lost them. We just need to rediscover them!

Before I let you go, here is a great guided meditation to find your true self. It’s all about reconnecting to yourself, which will help you rediscover yourself at the same time!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s topic. Check out my piece about being a Holistic Hot Mess. It’s a fun one!

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