Thanksgiving Gratitude

This week is Thanksgiving and I cannot believe it! Let’s have a think about what that means and Thanksgiving Gratitude!!

When I get to this time of year, I often think about what I’m most grateful for. To say my family, husband, and health, there’s always more for me to be grateful for.

One of the worst things that came out of the last few months was losing my job at the state offices. I am finally over it but since I loved it so much, I had a hard time being grateful for a while. I’ve been able to think on it more and even though I’m still a bit upset, I am grateful because it will give me more time to see what I’m best suitable for. I’m still working on the list in my head!

Thanksgiving Gratitude

While we talk about Thanksgiving gratitude, I want to bring up my favorite activity. Can you guess what it is?


I love to journal and find that this time of year is perfect to either recommit, continue, or even start a journaling practice. The reason this is the best time is because it’s a time of reflection. We reflect on the blessings and things we’re most grateful for in the past year. I find it so much fun to sit with my journal and take stock of what I’ve received this year. I want to be humble and introspective.

Part of being humble and introspective is realizing that even in hard times, there is always something to be grateful for. If it’s a job, new relationship, new family member, or something else, it’s something to be happy and have gratitude for. The key is to focus on those amazing things in our lives.

I encourage you all to reflect and show gratitude for all you may have. If you can help give someone a reason to be grateful this year, I encourage you there too.

Check out last year’s Thanksgiving post here. I am going to keep this one short so until next week, be well and namaste!

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