Stand In Your Power

I just had an experience that inspired this post. I’ll go into it here but suffice to say, you should always stand in your power!

So I hinted at the top there was an experience that prompted this post. Let me tell you exactly what happened.

My hubby and I were sitting in a Boston area coffee shop enjoying our morning. He got up to go to work and like each morning, before he left, he gave me a small kiss goodbye as he always does. That was it, along with an I love you. Someone who was sitting behind us (who appeared to be sleeping) asked me if we were “fags”. My response was, “no, we are a married gay couple and that is all there is to it.” I was measured in my response and walked away.

I initially decided to head to another business. Sitting at a local hotel I then decided that NO, this person will not push me out of a place of business out of their bigotry and lack of understanding! I got back up and went back to the coffee shop to finish my morning up. That’s right folks, I decided to take back my power!

Make no mistake, I did let the manager at the coffee shop know and I make no apologies for that. I did tell her it was a one off incident and if it happened again, I will say something but to leave it alone today. That was my choice and I am okay with that for now.

Stand In Your Power

Stand in your power. It is a necessity! When you do so, you not only remain in power, you take the power away from people who try and take it away.

I will not seek approval from anyone. I actually wrote a post about that here. Check it out! I would also ask that you check out The Human Rights Campaign website. This gives so much helpful information to be an ally, and how to help others stand in their power.

I am keeping this entry short because I’m not feeling great today. Until next week, be well and namaste!

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