Spring Self-Care

Wow! We are into the springtime again and I am so happy! With the new season comes reflection. Today, we talk about spring self-care.

The birds are chirping. The sun is coming out earlier and staying out later. Spring has sprung and I am so here for it! The winter wasn’t too bad here in Massachusetts. We had some very cold days but somehow we made it through.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about my self-care routine for the new season. Being that I love all types of self-care, I wanted to find new and exciting ways to practice in the spring.

Spring Self-Care Ideas

  • Clean the house and prep it for the new season
  • Find new activities that interest you or recommit to activities you may have sidelined over the winter/previous season
  • Take stock of where your mental health is at this time and if you find things that aren’t where you want them to be, figure out ways to get help with your mental health.
  • Do a digital or physical detox. A digital detox could mean going without social media for a set amount of time. A physical detox could mean cutting out junk food or adding more fruits or veggies to your diet.
Spring Self-Care

The spring season is a time of not only rebirth, but re-envisioning our lives. Finding ways to practice your self-care while coming out of the dark and coldness of winter is essential. I firmly believe it sets you up for a successful and prosperous season.

I challenge you to find a new and fun way to practice self-care this spring. Leave it in the comments of this post! I would love to know your ideas!

Check out a blog entry from last year about 5 Ways to Re-Energize for Spring. Until next week, be well and namaste!

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