Sometimes You Need to Rest

All too often we forget a very important part of wellness. That’s the simple act of rest. Our bodies rely on it. sometimes you need to rest.

Feeling exhausted and overworked sucks! The later of that statement is ironic since I am in between jobs right now but I digress. I was so tired that after what was also a bout of food poisoning, I got sick after exiting the train. I was embarrassed which is an understatement. That had never happened before.

When I got home I wasn’t even close to hungry. Thankfully, my husband made me some tea. I went to bed super early and got about 12 hours of sleep. It was clear that I had overtaxed my body to the point where it was literally screaming at me to slow down! I just hadn’t listened.

Sometimes You Need to Rest

Just like the pup above, humans need to rest. Finding the time is never easy. We are always on the go and because of that, we put ourselves last. Finding ways to get the recoup time we need is essential to optimal health and wellness. Even as I’m sitting here writing this post I’m screaming at myself that I need to take my own advice!

One question you can ask yourself is how do I relax? It all starts there. If you want some ideas to try, check out this post from July of 2023 where I give a list of ideas. Pick one or two and run with them! Remembering to listen to your body and resting when it requires you to is not just sound advice, it’s a necessity if you want to stay healthy. I wish I had listened better last week. If I had, maybe I wouldn’t have had such a reaction. Part of me still thinks there was a bit of food poisoning involved but I don’t believe that was all it was.

In closing, take care of yourself and give yourself the self-care and love that you need. Until next week, be well and namaste!

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