Self-Care is Health Care

Let’s get real for a minute. Health care in this country is abysmal. Self-Care is almost non-existent a lot of the time. Here’s a radical idea for you though. Self-Care is health care!

Too often, I see people struggle with different aspects of even the simplest health care. This often comes in the form of incompetent doctors, misdiagnosis, or even what my husband calls “phantom bills”. Each of these impact your health in different ways. An incompetent doctor could mean critical care and diagnostic tests are not given. Misdiagnosis may mean you miss a critical health issue despite you knowing your body better than anyone. When it comes to the “phantom bills”, it gets almost insidious. Doctors will often bill for something they never even did!

What this means for you is an endless stream of worries and concerns that impact your self-care. We’ve talked about it before here at Grotto. Self-Care is an essential part of life. When we let that part of our routine go away, we make it much easier for things like health care issues and even day to day things make us ill.

Self-Care is Health Care
Self-Care is Essential

The key to happiness is to keep yourself as healthy as possible. That’s why I believe that Self-Care is health care. When one takes a hit, they both do. Check in with yourself at least a couple times a week. Ask yourself the question, “Am I taking time for self-care today?” Don’t lie to yourself. If you’re not taking the time, then make the time. It doesn’t have to be an hour. It can be as little as 5 minutes. The goal is to recognize that you need it, that you’re worthy of it, and that it is indeed healthy for you!

Even the Global Self-Care Federation agrees!

Wow, I think we’ve covered a lot this time. Your challenge today is to set aside 5 minutes to take care of you. Give yourself that gift. As I said at the top, self-care is health care! Before I let you go, check out Self-Care In The Fall. I think it will inspire you. Have a great day and namaste!

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