Self-Care In The Fall

Self-Care in the fall
A Walk In the Fall Air

I love the fall season! The leaves, smell of burning wood stoves, apples, and especially the cozy vibes. It’s the perfect season for self-care. So how do we practice self-care in the fall? 

Fall is one of the most magical seasons, for many people. From the pumpkin spice, to the Halloween fun. It’s all about cozy, cooling vibes. Unfortunately, it can also mean depression, for some. It’s due to the shorter days and longer nights. I know that for me personally, I struggle with some seasonal depression as the season starts. It also happens to be the best time for self-care.

Why Now?

A big reason to talk about self care at this time of year is due to the changes in both the environment and our lives. With the clocks changing, the new season starting, and the end of summer, things can get a bit depressing. Now I personally love the fall season. It’s legit my favorite one of the four. You’d probably be surprised to know that it’s not JUST because of Halloween. While the spooky season is also a favorite for me, I also love the other parts of fall.

Like many of you, I love to go apple picking. I also love to toss a nice warm sweatshirt on when the temperatures start to dip. I also love the color of the leaves as they start to change. Something my husband and I noticed this year was after a pretty short cool snap and some rain, the leaves went from green to colors, almost overnight! I loved seeing that rapid change. It was like the fall color palate just exploded! 

Ways to Practice Self-Care in The Fall

There’s so many fun ways to practice self-care this time of year. Here are a few.

Take a walk through the local forest or garden once the leaves change. While doing that, concentrate on the colors, smells, and even temperature. 

Take a sketch book with you and start to write or draw what you’re feeling, seeing, etc. 

Sit under a tree that still has some leaves on it and meditate on the changing of the seasons. This can be a wonderful way to connect with your emotions and the season at the same time. 

Get a cup of tea or apple cider and just enjoy its simple taste. Let the warmth of the liquid nourish your spirit. 

If you’re feeling even a bit of depression, write it out or talk to someone about it. Frequently, talking about these things is the BEST form of self-care you can do. 

Here’s a great article from Everyday Health! It gives a great list of Self-Care ideas for the Fall!

As we start a new season, take the time to listen to what your spirit needs. Frequently, as the seasons change, our lives go through changes of their own. That’s where self-care comes into play, most of all. View the changes around you as a new beginning, not an ending. It may just shift your whole outlook. Also, remember that self-care is never selfish!

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