Rising Like the phoenix

Life can throw us off track sometimes It’s a fact of being a person in this world but rising like the phoenix can only make us stronger!

Often times when things get rough, some people sit in the corner and wonder why they are going through whatever is happening. This is not only normal, but expected. When something happens that is less than ideal we often wonder why. That’s something this writer has done so many times. Each time something rough happens, I ask myself why. It may not be super productive but I have to ask the questions in order to get the answers.

From the different obstacles I have overcome in life I’ve kind of become a phoenix of sorts. If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically a mythological bird that rebirths itself from the ashes when it dies. I regenerates and keeps going. I know so many people that fit this description and they’re an inspiration. We never give up and we ALWAYS find a way.

Rising Like The Phoenix

There’s more to it than that though. Hell, there’s more to life than constant re-invention. Sometimes we have to figure out HOW to get past what happened to us so we can move on. People who battle health issues, or even people that are in a constant state of flux are all phoenixes. They work hard to get beyond their circumstance and find a way to thrive. How? Well, it can take MANY forms. Some try new things, others figure out what they can do differently, and others take a more holistic approach. Yup, some people journal and document the struggles and triumphs.

Looking through a life lens of balanced positivity and truth is one way to become the phoenix of your own life. You don’t have to take the negative things that happen to you with positivity. You can grieve, process, and rebuild. I’ll give you an example. When I lost my job a week or so ago, I took a day to process (and frankly on some level I am not done with that yet) and have a good cry. What did I do next? I jumped into action! That’s right. I didn’t let the frustration consume me. Just the opposite. I also did not put myself in a state of over positivity. I was positive that I will find something new, but I also allowed myself the ability to feel the feels.

Helpful ideas to continue Rising Like The Phoenix

  • Feel the emotions
  • Let yourself grieve, be angry, be frustrated
  • Write out what you’re feeling
  • DON’T let it consume you
  • Talk to someone who can be a good ear
  • Pick yourself up, dust your fabulous ass off, and get back to living your LIFE!

When life put a roadblock in front of you, there are many ways to go about dealing with it. I took a road that combined dealing with my feelings and choosing to continue rising like the phoenix.

Check out my re-tooled podcast Rambles with Rob on Spotify. Also, check out my Breathe In, Breathe Out article from a while back. Until next week, be well and namaste!

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  1. Yes, it’s so important that we ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’! To go along with your Helpful Ideas, I also like to learn from the reason I am feeling this way…how did I get here, and what am I supposed to learn from it? Thanks for sharing!

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