One Journey Ends

On Thursday, I was pulled into an office after a meeting. I had been struggling for a while at my job, despite my best efforts. To say it was a mild shock would be accurate but I was handed a letter of termination. Just like that, one journey ends. It sucks and now I have to start over. Am I sad? Yes. Am I angry? Not at all. Did I expect this? Honestly, yes.

Just for some context. Last week, I was pulled into a zoom meeting with my managers. Even though they acknowledged I had made progress over the last few months since our last meeting, it wasn’t enough. Even in the week since that meeting, I never gave up. That’s the biggest lesson for us all. No matter what people tell you, don’t give up on anything. I kept fighting because I never give up easily. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough fight.

One Journey Ends

As I look back on what happened last week, I remember that not everything is forever. I hoped that with my drive, fight, and abilities that I could make it through. Right now, I am finding myself questioning parts of my job skills. It’s definitely affecting my mental health a bit. I’m reminded of last week’s entry about new beginnings. I’m ready for my next one!

I can say that the last year of learning, growth, and new experiences has been fantastic! Just because one journey ends, it doesn’t mean that another one is far off. In fact, I’ve already started thinking about that and reaching out. I’m also considering doing a pivot, if possible. I know that the skills I learned will be so useful!

A Bit of Advice for When One Journey Ends

My advice to anyone else working through a job loss is to remember, it’s not a failure. I felt like a failure for a very short amount of time. I don’t anymore. It’s time to take charge again and grab those damn boot straps! Concentrate on your mental health and what you are going to do next. Don’t dwell on what happened. If you need to take a few days to process, do that. Secure your mental state BEFORE jumping to the next opportunity. You’ll be much better for it.

Before I go, I retooled my podcast! Go check it out on all the big channels like Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

Until next week, be well and namaste!

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