New Beginnings

There’s something to be said about new beginnings. They show us that even if something isn’t going the way we hope that there’s a way to start again. This week, I want to talk to you all about my new beginning (the podcast revamp), and why I decided to do it!

Just to be very clear, I did not totally abandon the podcast that was the inspiration for this blog. No. What I needed to do was realize that while I love talking about all things holistic, mindful, and meditation, I needed to branch that part out. I need to start talking about other things in my life and sharing those stories and experiences with that audience, and I hope eventually you all. I will be keeping all the old episodes up but just doing an ever so slight pivot.

The new name for the podcast is Rambles with Rob. I will leave the link later on in this post 🙂 If I’m being totally honest, the other reason for the change is that sometimes I just need to give myself a new and exciting challenge. That’s what the podcast was at first, and also what this blog has been. I’ve been MUCH more consistent here than on the podcast and I believe that’s because I just ran out of things to talk about. For me, talking and writing are two completely different things.

New Beginnings

What I mean by that is simple. When I sit down and write each week, I let the fingers do the “talking”. When I record a podcast episode, I am literally doing the talking. The later is exhausting. That’s where I lost it with the podcast. It was at that moment in time that I realized I needed a new beginning for my podcast.

With anything else, new beginnings take courage. Look for the new episode on October 2 here on Spotify and on most other platforms, including ITunes! I truly hope that with this relaunch of the podcast, I will be able to be more consistent. Here’s a post from April of this year that talk about just that!

As I embark on this modified, or even new journey, I’m reminded of why I started this blog and the podcast to begin with. I want to share pieces of myself, a bit of levity, and hopefully some wisdom along the way. Until next week, be well and namaste!

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