Is Sipsby Worth It?

Is Sipsby Worth It?
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I love subscription boxes. They’re like getting a little gift in the mail. It means that each time you get one, it’s like Christmas, or a birthday. Today, I want to share with you a special box I get. It’s called Sipsby. People ask me all the time, is Sipsby worth it?

Full disclosure, this article does contain an affiliate link. If you make a purchase, I do get a small commission. You can read additional info on our disclaimers page. This is also an honest review. I purchase this with my own money, so it’s also not a sponsored post.

What is Sipsby?

Simply put, Sipsby is a monthly subscription box that allows you to sample different teas. Each box comes with 4 different teas of varied caffeination levels. You set up a flavor profile when you sign up and tell them what you like. From there, they curate a variety of teas for you. No two boxes that I’ve gotten have been the same.

One of the best things about this box is that you get to try some well-known teas like David’s Tea, but most of the time, you get teas that you most likely won’t know.

This is what makes Sipsby so much fun! Each box takes you on a different tasting journey. The variety of teas is always fun, and I’ve even seen themes based on different seasons or holidays!

They have a monthly subscription box that usually retails for $19.99 a month, but you can get $5 off your first box and FREE shipping! (on your first box). Just put in the code SIPS5 to get the deal! Just make sure you click the monthly option. Do not choose the $16 per month, because that will charge you $48 for three months!

One Critique

The only thing I wish they did was add one more tea to the box. Currently, there are four different teas for the regular $19.99 per month.

That means it’s about $5 per tea,. Do keep in mind that each box is at least 12-15 cups of tea (sometimes 16), so it is worth it. I just think one extra option would make it even better.

Is Sipsby Worth It? A Final Thought

I truly think Sipsby is worth it. You can skip months, if needed which is also great. I know money is tight for a lot of us, but it’s a small indulgence for all the tea lovers out there!

Give it a shot for a month, and check it out for yourself. Remember, you can get $5 off and free shipping, on your first box if you want subscribe to Sipsby.

Don’t forget to put the code SIPS5 in the coupon box and hit apply! Just make sure you click the monthly $19.99 option, for it to work properly!

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10 thoughts on “Is Sipsby Worth It?”

  1. I’ve always lived the idea of subscription boxes because they are totally like little presents!! I haven’t heard of this one so I’ll have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Sasha! I’m glad you liked the article! They’re definitely like little presents. I never thought of it that way! Check it out and may I say, even a gift card from them would make a wonderful gift for the holiday season 😀

    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you for checking my post out! If hubby is a huge tea drinker, this could be perfect for him! Show him and see what he thinks. The best thing is that you can cancel at any time so you’re not locked in!

  2. Subscriptions for my favorite things are the best, because right when you’re running low, more goodies are dropped at your door haha! I’ll check them out, thanks for the coupon code.

    1. Hi Cate! Thank you for checking it out and supporting my blog so much! The coupon code is amazing, to get you started and you’re so welcome! I hope you love it! You’re totally right about subscriptions being great for favorite things too! 😊

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