Is Holistic Balance Really That Important?

Finding balance in life isn’t always easy. It’s a great concept but the truth is, life isn’t balanced. This can lead to a very good question. Is holistic balance really that important?

As with anything in life, having a balance in your holistic life is important. For instance, taking time each day to not just do what NEEDS to be done. You also want to take time do what you WANT to do. We all talk about a work/life balance. That’s an important topic, especially when we incorporate holistic care into the mix. The key is to not stress too much over it.

When I look at my daily life, I know that I have specific things I need to do. I also realize that there are things I want to do. Sometimes they’re the same, other times they’re not. The trick is to find ways to make the wants, part of the needs when it comes to the daily grind. Here are a few ways to do that.

Is holistic balance really that important?
Balance is Fragile
  1. Make it a game. Sometimes, making the mundane tasks a game can make them more enjoyable.
  2. Do a bit of each at once. For example, listen to your favorite holiday music while cleaning. It can speed up the process, and you get a bit of joy from something that would otherwise be mundane.
  3. Give yourself permission to do the “want to do” before the “need to do”. This let’s you get BOTH things done, but not stress you out as much.

These are just some ways that you can maintain a holistic balance between life and play. When you look at your day, or life in a larger context, you may be able to develop ways to make finding that balance even easier.

Is Holistic Balance Really That Important?

In conclusion, yes holistic balance is important. Just like a work/life balance, or anything like it. The tough part is finding, and maintaining that balance. Trust me, I rarely find it when I go looking for balance. However, when I let life flow, I find that a holistic balance usually follows.

If you want to get started with meditation, which can also help you find balance, check out my review of the Calm App!

Next time you feel a bit off-kilter, ask yourself if you’re out of holistic, or any other balance. If so, come back to the center with a mindful moment, or even a quick meditation like this one.

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