I am Losing Steam

I am going to be real with ya’ll this week. I am losing steam. I’ve been on the job hunt for about 4 months now and I am exhausted!

My last role ended in October as some of you may know. It was a myriad of different things, from a skills gap to just a difficult fit. That all being said, it hurt to lose that role. I loved what I did and the team that I worked with. So back when this all happened, my job search began again.

I’m exhausted. I can’t count the amount of applications I’ve submitted. It has to be in the hundreds, at this point. It’s starting to affect my mental health a bit. I want to work. Hell, I need to work.

This isn’t about not wanting to work. It’s about wanting to find my next opportunity. Retail and other jobs aren’t really an option for me due to medical reasons and I have amazing skills that can translate. The market is insane right now though.

I Am Losing Steam

I find myself being buried in applications, phone calls, and emails. While I can appreciate that there are jobs out there, I need to make a livable wage. It’s making the job search harder than it needs to be. That’s why I am losing steam.

I don’t want to have this post turn into a pity party so let’s change gears. Going forward in my search, I need to focus not on what I may not be able to get. Instead, I need to focus on the future. My husband always says that an obstacle can be a way to change and make things better. I need and want to keep that in mind.

Wrapping It Up

As I wrap up this week’s post, I spoke about new beginnings a while back. Check that out here. I also want to encourage you to remember that you are the pilot of your own life. You make the decisions. Take your power back and if you’re tired, take a break.

Until next week, be well and namaste!

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