How to Strengthen Love and Mindfulness – A Sexologist’s Guide

love and mindfulness
Love and Mindfulness are a perfect combination!

Love and mindfulness go hand-in-hand in healthy relationships. It’s normal to have moments, even days of feeling absent. Knowing how to bring yourself back to this world is essential. That way, you can be fully present in your relationship. Here’s how to strengthen love and mindfulness.

After all, your partner fell in love with you for who you are, right? When you’re fully present and mindful of each moment, it can help build intimacy. Additional intimacy can help with issues both inside of the bedroom and outside. 

What is Mindfulness in a Relationship?

Mindfulness in a relationship is when you actively practice being in the moment with your partner. You’re really there. Whether listening intently or savoring their skin on yours. You’re fully wrapped up in your love and the moment you’re sharing together. And, at the same time, you’re able to be yourself. 

Certain qualities help you stay mindful in your relationship. These qualities and practices can help you further develop your holistic relationship


Who is your partner today? They’re a different person each day, just as you are. So take a few moments each day to stay curious about each other. Ask old questions in new ways and learn more about how they see the world.


Not everyone moves at the same speed or processes information similarly. Most couples are complementary rather than similar. So, patience gets tested consistently. When you practice patience, it can help you stay present with your own feelings. 

Authenticity & Openness

Being open and authentically yourself in your relationship will work wonders. It means you feel safe being authentically your weird self. And your partner can be too. It’s about a willingness to listen and be vulnerable, and giving your partner permission to do the same. 

The essence of love is all about being yourself and helping your partner do the same. It’s about encouraging each other to be the best version of yourselves. To start doing that, start trying to be mindful in the small moments, taking mental pictures of your love together. 

Why Should I Practice Mindfulness in my relationship?

Practicing mindfulness in your relationship is a moment-by-moment thing. While it isn’t possible to do it all the time, gently remind yourself of the reasons why you’re doing it. There are many benefits to being more mindful in your relationship, such as:

Reduced anxiety

Improved sleep quality

Deeper self-awareness

Enhanced compassion toward others

It can improve your emotional regulation

You’ll remember specific moments better

It can make difficult conversations easier to have

It increases openness and receptivity

It enhances your feelings of emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy

These are just a few reasons mindfulness should be an active practice in your romantic relationship. But the big question is, how do you start practicing mindfulness in your relationship today?

How Do I Practice Mindfulness in my Relationship?

Mindfulness takes practice and patience. Therefore, forgive yourself when you fall out of it from time to time. You can’t always be your fullest self every moment, but that’s okay. You’re human and have your needs that need to be met as well. 

To enhance the feeling of mindfulness in your relationship with your partner, try a few of these ideas:

Put away the electronics

Additionally, when practicing love and mindfulness, putting down your phone may be challenging, but it pays off. Technology is constantly stealing our happiness. It forces us to peer through the windows of other people’s lives. But you’ll foster an enhanced sense of closeness and intimacy by shutting off your phone for just a few minutes each day. 

Be grateful, and tell them about it

Gratitude is a powerful practice and emotion. It helps you count your blessings and appreciate everything about the moment you’re in. If verbalizing these things is a challenge for you, that’s okay. You can write it in a note, play a song you and your partner share, or even send it in a text during work. Whatever way works for you is the best way. 

Use your ears and mouth proportionately

You have two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionately. Listen twice as much as you speak. And when you listen, really listen. Don’t just wait for your turn to speak. Mindfulness requires that you give your partner your full attention and be present for each word that comes from their mouth. Really listen to what they have to say because they’re saying it for a reason.

Practice mindfulness together

Take moments to enhance your relationship and tell your partner what you want. Too often, we do things and hope our partners can read our minds. That’s not a thing they can do, and neither can you. So tell them you want to absorb the moment and what you’ve learned from this article. Express to them why sharing these moments is essential to your love together. That way, they have a little insight into what you’re trying to do. 

Love and Mindfulness

Love is a passionate and deep feeling at the start. But, over time, it can ebb and flow. That’s normal and healthy. You can’t always be drunk in love, but it’s a good idea to recreate those feelings now and again. 

Practicing mindfulness in your relationship can build its foundational strength and bring you closer together. It doesn’t take much, just your commitment and attention. Which I think is well worth your energy.

Why is a sex coach writing about mindfulness?

Hi everyone. I’m Elaine S. Turner. I’m a sex, dating, and relationship coach writing a guest article for you to enjoy. I’m writing about mindfulness in love because it is a powerful part of what I teach in my coaching practice. When you focus entirely on your relationship, you can change your dynamic in just an evening. Being devoted to relationship growth may not always be easy, which is why I’m always here to offer help. If you feel like the physical or emotional intimacy has fizzled in your relationship, contact me to get the support you deserve.

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  1. Very comprehensive and helpful ideas on strengthening a relationship. I particularly like “you can write it in a note, play a song you and your partner share” such a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing!

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