Herbal Based Medicine

As someone who’s studied herbs for many years, I have become fascinated with herbal based medicine. This week, I want to tell you more!

My studies of herbal medicine started while I was a teenager. As someone who suffered with migraines and other health issues for years, I had tried tons of “western medicine” and got sick of being sick!

So what do I mean by herbal based medicine? Simply put, it’s about using the plants that we already know and love for their medicinal purposes. Plants have specific properties that can help with healing. Science is still researching exactly how they work, but certain herbs like tea tree have been shown to kill certain fungal infections while herbs like ginger have been show to curb nausea. I want to make it clear that while I love this type of medicine, it is NEVER a substitute for a doctor’s care. That means do not negate what a doctor advises. I use the herbs as complimentary.

One day, I had a major migraine attack and the tylenol I took wasn’t working. I’m allergic to advil so I grabbed a bottle of lavender oil. I had read that this particular oil was good for relieving the pain. If you want to learn more about this amazing oil, click here for a previous post all about it!

Herbal Based Medicine

Let’s get back to the rest of the story. About an hour after putting the lavender oil on my forehead with a cold compress, I found that much of the pain had gone away. I was shocked! Something that made very little sense at the time was how this could have helped when traditional medicine hadn’t. Looking back, it was probably because the oil got into my bloodstream quicker than the pills but I’m not sure. I just knew I was feeling better. From that day on, I used herbal medicine before most other treatments!

As I continued my journey, I decided I wanted to learn more. A few years ago, I started studying more about herbs and herbalism. I’m still working on it but eventually, I would love to become a registered herbalist in my state 🙂 Again, I believe firmly that there’s a place for both traditional and herbal medicine. Well that’s it for this week! Until next week, be well and namaste!

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