Don’t Make New Year Resolutions!

New year resolutions are very popular. The problem is that very few follow through on them. I say don’t make new year’s resolutions! Let’s talk about what you can do instead!

When it comes to finding ways to improve in the new year, I like to set goals. I actually hate the word “resolutions” because it implies failure. When you hear the word “goals”, you think more along the lines of what you can actually accomplish. For instance, you may say you want to exercise more (I know I do), but be more intentional about this goal. Set yourself a goal of how many days per week you want to try and exercise. For me, I would love to get 3 days in a week. It’s small enough to be successful, but not too small that it won’t make a difference.

Set goals, not resolutions!
Let’s set some goals!

The other reason that resolutions are a bad idea is that they don’t give us any actionable things to do. Goals on the other hand give us reasons to take action! In order to make improvements, you NEED to take action! That’s part of why the idea of setting goals is such a great one. For instance, if you own a business you’ll need to set your goals early. Don’t be afraid to change the goals as you go, but set some actionable goals to start the year off.

Here’s an example. In 2023 I want to up my content game and make at least $4,000 dollars in blog/business income. I’ll need to take deliberate action so I can achieve that goal. It’s not a HUGE number, but it’s something I want to have happen. For this blog, I want to set the goal to share more entertaining content, not JUST informational. I also want to take this blog to a new heights with video content, and reduce the amount of text for each entry, from time to time!

What are your goals for 2023? Is it to get healthier? What about starting a new business adventure, or learning something new? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on! From there, I want you to take action on those goals. Be specific and honest with yourself! I recommend using a planner and writing goals down. Use any format you like, but a checklist is usually a GREAT place to start. I love the checklist format because I feel a sense of accomplishment by checking things off, as I complete the goal 🙂

Here’s last week’s article on why you need to work from a good mindset, in order to achieve your goals!

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