Does Meditation Have a Place in the Office?

meditation in the office
Say “Om” in the office

Does meditation have a place in the office? 

Many people are practitioners of mediation. I am one too, and it helps me to keep myself as centered and stress-free as possible. It’s not a magical cure. In fact, far from it. The point is that there is a place for it, in my life, and I would argue, at the office too. 

The benefits of even just a 5-minute meditation are many. Some include:

Reduced anxiety and stress

Better blood pressure

Better interactions with customers/co-workers

Increased productivity

The ability to handle varied and changing situations with better ease and adaptability

That list is by no means exhaustive. I could probably write a whole other article on the benefits of this amazing practice, but I want to share why meditation definitely has a place in the office, be it at home, or in your actual company office. Did you know that some of the most well-known companies like Google and Yahoo have rooms dedicated to meditation, in their offices? Yup!

Here is an article from 2021 that talks about it. Modern Meditation in the Business World This was a year and a half or so into the current world pandemic but that means companies were starting to see the value of meditation for their employees. 

The addition of this “perk” comes as a welcome one for many. A nice thing about it is that meditation is a personal experience that can also be shared. Sounds funny, right? Hear me out. With these meditation rooms/areas being opened up, it can bring a whole new group of people in on the benefits of the practice without making them feel like they HAVE to do it. That being said, companies offering something I like to call “meditation minutes”, where everyone takes 60-90 seconds every hour or so just to breathe would go a long way in helping ease workplace stress. This is especially true of those who have to go back into an office now. 

In closing, yes, meditation has a place in the “new normal” office environment. Companies would do well to remember that it is going to take more than pay raises and just spouting about caring about employees now. They need to show it with their actions, and adding meditation into the daily routine for those who would like it is a good start!

For more meditation ideas, check out the link to Calm, located on our Products and Resources page! Check out my other post about The Benefits of Meditation.

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