Creativity as self-care

This week, let’s talk about creativity as self-care! It’s a wonderful way to practice self-care and it can be done in so many different ways! There is a link to my Etsy shop a bit further down and I would love it if you checked it out. Some very fun and creative things in there. It also has a few things to promote your holistic wellness.

When it comes to self-care, it’s important that you enjoy whatever that means for your practice. For many people, it can take the form of something creative. Some people like to design things, other people prefer to pick up a hobby like sewing or crochet. As with anything in the realm of self-care, it’s specific to you and your likes.

Creativity as Self-Care

So what types of creative activities can someone do as a form of self care? Time for a list!

5 Creativity As Self-Care Activities

  • Fiber Arts like Crochet or Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Junk Journaling
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Designing things on Canva-I do this and have actually made money doing it! Check out my Etsy Shop!

Fortunately, this isn’t a huge list but it can get you started! When you look at using creative projects as part of your self-care routine or practice, it can open up so many other options for you. Once the ideas start flowing, I bet they won’t stop. The other great thing is that no one is limited to just one or two things. If more than one thing on this list speaks to you, try it!

I personally like to view my own self-care as ever evolving. Each day can be something different and unique. Some days I want to crochet. Other days I prefer to design something new for my shop. It really depends on my mood that day. As I’ve said a million times before on this blog, it’s all about what resonates with you. If you find a new (or old) creative outlet, it can do wonders for your entire routine!

If you want a few more ideas, check out my first post on self-care for 2023 here! Until next week, be well and namaste!

6 thoughts on “Creativity as self-care”

  1. Your article on using creativity as a form of self-care is insightful and highlights the therapeutic benefits of creative expression. It’s evident that you’ve emphasized the importance of nurturing one’s creative side for mental and emotional well-being. Thanks for sharing this perspective, which can inspire readers to explore their creative outlets as a means of self-care and personal growth.

    1. Hello Simran,

      I appreciate your dropping into the grotto and leaving such a lovely comment. I definitely agree that creative expression is a HUGE part of self-care. It can bring us out of a dark place and even help us heal from certain issues. Come back to the grotto any time!

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