Bullet Journaling

This week, I wanted to explore the concept of bullet journaling. I’ve been intrigued by it for a while now. Let’s explore it together!

Who Invented Bullet Journaling?

The inventor of bullet journaling, frequently called “bujo” is Ryder Carroll. He came up with this idea back in 2013 after realizing his current journaling wasn’t keeping him as productive as he wanted. Consequently, he brainstormed some ideas and came up with bujo.

What is The Purpose of Bujo?

This is a difficult one to answer for everyone. Most people use this style of journaling to keep themselves organized. Some people use it to keep track of schedules, appointments, and of course tasks that need to be done. In addition to these purposes, it can also be a wonderful way to incorporate a mindfulness practice into your day.

Bullet Journaling

The idea behind this style of journaling is also to keep your grounded. We have so many distractions today, mostly in the digital space that this type of activity and journal can help get us away from our screens and into a simpler, non-digital mindset. Personally, I have been intrigued by this style for a long time but have yet to completely dive in. That’s a goal for me in the new year because I’ve only dipped my toes into the water on it.

Diving Into Bujo

According the bullet journaling website, is to make the things you do, give attention to, and what you spend the most time on more intentional. That’s a lot of words to basically say it’s purpose is to be more mindful of these things. As someone who journals on a relatively frequent basis, I am starting to understand the logic and idea being this journaling style.

Different Ways to Bujo

  • Students-Use it to keep track of assignments and deadlines
  • Mental Health-Track your mental health for yourself or for a doctor if you’re being observed for things like anxiety and depression.
  • Work-Again, keeping track of deadlines. You can also use it to help organize the more mundane tasks that you do.
  • Hobbies-Keep track of new and current hobbies. Draw inspiration and keep your different interests organized so you can enjoy them even more.

How To Get Started with Bullet Journaling

The best place I think to get started with it is to go to the website I listed in the previous paragraph. It is a wealth of information right from the creator and walks you through the most basic concepts. There are some classes you can enroll in (they do cost money), or you can simply gather as much information from the website as you need.

Are There Cons to Bujo?

Some people find that it can be too overwhelming. That is the most frequent con that the inventor hears. He suggests starting small and just picking up a notebook and pen to get started. Again, looking at the Bullet Journal website will be a great resource when you get started. Personally, I want to learn more about this style so that in 2024 I can start exploring ways to add it to my life. As a writer, it might be a great place to keep my creative ideas for short stories or novels.

Well, that’s it for this week. If you want more information on just how to get started journaling, check out a previous post here. It’s a guest post but the author breaks it down and makes the whole concept of starting your practice VERY easy to understand.

Until next week. Be well and Namaste!

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