Are You a Holistic Hot Mess?

holistic hot mess reset
Hit the Holistic Hot Mess Reset Button!

This week, I want to talk about how even when we do our best to live a holistic, and mindful life, we may not always be able to. I call this a “holistic hot mess” and guess what? That’s okay!

When we set ourselves on this path of mindfulness, meditation, and holistic living/self-care, we do so with the best of intentions. Somewhere in the past, we’ve realized that we need to be better to ourselves. This can, of course, take many forms, and it depends on each person’s goals, and what they feel is best for them. 

So how do you define “ holistic hot mess”? There are so many ways, but I think of it as just having so much going on that you cannot always keep everything going. We’re human, after all. If that makes me/you a hot mess, so be it! 

I wanted to do this short episode this week because even as holistic, meditative, and mindful people, we aren’t perfect. We have days when we want to throw in the proverbial towel and go back to what was comfortable for us. And you know what, that’s more than okay. It’s normal! 

So how do we get ourselves out of the “hot mess” mode? That’s totally up to you.

Here are a few options:

Practice some self-care 

take a bath 

take a walk


Make your favorite healthy snack

Journal what you’re feeling. (Write it down)

The point is for you to cool the “hot mess” down, and get back to a place of calm and peace. Once you can get your mind back to that place, you’ll be able to tackle whatever comes next!

That about does it for this time! You can also check out the podcast episode I did on this topic here! Also, check out my post on Finding Your Holistic Health Sweet Spot. It’s a great one!

Until next time, my lovelies, be well, be mindful, and namaste!

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