A Review of Meditation Magazine

Hello, my friends! This week I want to share something a bit different. I haven’t done a review post in a while and I just finished the latest issue of Meditation Magazine. With that in mind, I’m going to do a review of Meditation Magazine!

First, what is Meditation Magazine? Simply put, it’s a paper and digital periodical that’s published four times per year. Usually, this is done with the seasons. Each issue delves into different themes and practices with regards to meditation but that’s just scratching the surface. Let’s explore!

Topics found in Meditation Magazine

  • Meditation-Duh! We kind of expect this, right? What you may not always expect is that you also get printed meditations that you can do, right from the magazine. Yup, each one has at least 3-5 meditation practice articles. I won’t post any here but they’re very easy to follow.
  • Science-A great thing about this particular magazine is that it doesn’t just focus on the “mystical” side of the practice of meditation, it also delves into the science behind it too. This would appeal to those who are more science based but still want to explore the practice.
  • Mysticism-Yes, it’s in here too. One of the great things about this particular subscription is that they balance out this with the science and other topics within.
  • Recipes-If you love to cook vegan or vegetarian style recipes, this magazine is a great resource! I haven’t personally tried any of the recipes but they look delicious. I am not sure each issue has recipes, but the ones that I’ve gotten have at least a few.
  • General Wellness Articles-For those who want a bit more than your standard pieces on meditation practice, there’s a wealth of additional articles to expand your journey to wellness. Meditation is just one part of wellness and the publishers understand that. Since they put in such a varied array of content, you can really pick and choose what speaks to you most.
A Review of Meditation Magazine
Just say “Om”

Flipping through the colorful pages of this magazine is always a delight. There are times when I learn something new, and there are times where I just enjoy the beautiful artwork or photos. It depends on the season. As a Certified Meditation Teacher, I find the specific articles on meditation the most helpful but if I’m being honest, I also find the science related pieces very interesting.

Final Thoughts

Just some final thoughts on this review of Meditation Magazine. It’s a wonderful periodical that will speak to you whether you meditate or not. Sometimes the articles can be a bit dry, but that’s all really preference to what you want to get out of the magazine itself. Would I recommend it? Absolutely! The price is pretty good too at $29.97 per year and you get at least 4 issues. There are a ton of bonuses too, like a meditation course of your choice, and all the back digital issues! The value is definitely there since the meditation course value is $99!

If you want to check it out for yourself, click the link here. I am not paid any commission if you do, just to let you all know. In addition, if you want to check out some of my other articles on meditation, click on the category tab at the top of the site. It will take you right to all my previous piece written on the topic!

If you want to learn more about meditation, this magazine will help you get started. Until next week, be well and namaste!

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