A Light in the darkness

Lately it seems like there’s a lot of darkness in the world. From political division and family issues, to more mundane issues like internal conflicts. It’s all there. One of the main reasons for this blog is to shine a light in the darkness. At the grotto, we want to inspire you, as the reader. Our honest hope, with each entry is to give you something uplifting that you can carry with you each day.

So many of us struggle with things like depression, bad situations, or just plain frustrations in life. These are the dark things I hope to help us shine a light on in some future posts. This post was inspired by the unfortunate passing of a soap star who battled bipolar depression. I don’t know anything about that disease but I do know something about having to work through dark times in my own life. I want to share my experience with you all and show that with consistent work, you can shine your own light.

A Light in the Darkness

Being a light in the darkness isn’t easy. This is especially true if you’re struggling with your own form(s) of darkness. Like I said, this can take many forms. One of the most important things to remember is to work at not just acknowledging the issue(s), but also actively find help, be it from those around you or a therapist. I said it in this entry that therapy is not a bad word. Go check it out for more of my thoughts on the subject.

All this talk about being a light for yourself leads me to talk about how to do the same in the world around you. Here are a few ways to

5 Ways To Be a Light In The Darkness Of The World

  • Smile at a stranger
  • Say hello to someone you don’t know
  • Practice a random act of kindness
  • Think before you speak
  • Don’t react before thinking about how that reaction will be put into the world

As you can see, it’s not always easy to do but you can be the light in the world. We can all be a light. It depends on our actions, our words, and our ability to see the good with the bad. I am often reminded to ask myself, especially before I say something or react. I ask myself if what I am about to say is truthful, necessary, uplifting, and helpful. If it does not fall into at least one of those categories, I try not to say anything until it does.

In conclusion, one of my favorite books is The 4 Agreements. It’s a small book that helped me to understand how powerful my words and actions can be. Check it out on Amazon! Until next week. Be well and namaste!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. When I go out today, I will make a conscious effort to smile at a stranger and say hello (I’m introverted so this is a big ask of myself lol).

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