5 Ways to Level Up Your Self-Care Routine

just breathe, 5 ways to level up your self-care routine
“Just Breathe!”

A few entries back, we talked about journaling as a form of self-care. I wanted to talk about it as a whole entity. As you may remember from the journaling post, self-care is defined in a couple of ways. The first is,  “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress”. The other is “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health”. Here are 5 ways to level up your self-care routine!

Usually, when we think about self-care, we think about eating, drinking enough fluids, and maybe even sleeping and exercising. The thing is, it goes FAR beyond those essential things. Not to say that these aren’t great starting points, they are. The fact is that these are the bare basics when it comes to this holistic practice. Now that we have a pretty good definition of what it is, let’s talk about five ways we can level up our self-care.

5 Ways to Level Up Your Self-Care Routine

Commit to doing it each day. There’s always at least one thing a day you can do to get some self-care in. As the Nike slogan says, “Just Do It!”

Find ways to make daily tasks into self-care. You can meditate while doing the dishes, for instance. Or, you could make a mental note of the things you are grateful for, on your way to work. 

Bring a partner, or the family into the routine. Yes, that’s right. Not all things need to be done alone. In fact, I’d make the argument that if you do some part of your routine with a family member or partner, you AND they will find great benefit to it. I’m thinking specifically of meditating or even exercising together. Heck, even journaling together, as a family. 

Look for others around you that share your passions for self-care and seek them out. Again, this comes down to finding a group of like-minded people who will be there to encourage you, and in return, you can do the same for them. There’s nothing quite like cheering each other on so ya’ll be the best versions of yourselves.

When you find that you’re struggling to fit in the time, and it will happen sometimes, just take 3 minutes to step away from whatever is getting in the way, take a breath, and gently remind yourself that you matter, and thus, your self-care matters too. I know this last one doesn’t seem like a way to level up, but trust me, it’s those times when we think we don’t have the time (or worse yet, don’t deserve the time) that we need self-care the most!

Wow, that was a lot to unpack. I hope this week was helpful to you. Remember that when all else fails, like Drew Barrymore in the film “Ever After A Cinderella Story” to “just breathe”.

I also have a podcast called “The Holistic Grotto Podcast” which is what actually inspired this blog. You can find it on any of the major podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, and even Audible! Take a listen! Much of the first bits of content will come from there! Here is a link directly to the podcast so you can get to it easier!

Also, check out my post on finding your holistic health sweet spot. It will help you level up your self-care routine!

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  1. Take away for me from this post is I need to stop doing things by myself. I don’t like doing a lot of things with others. Like exercising. Can’t imagine journaling with someone. But, maybe it would be helpful for me to try it sometimes. Something to consider.

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