5 Ways to Digital Detox

5 ways to digital detox

We hear the phrase “digital detox” a lot, especially in our social media world. With all the technology surrounding us, it’s a miracle we haven’t hit overload yet. Or, maybe we have? That’s where a digital detox can come in handy. The question is, how do you do it?  This week, I’ll give you 5 ways to digital detox.

Simply put, a digital detox is when you abstain from things like your computer (save for work), social media, and sometimes even television for a certain amount of time. Many people don’t think to do this kind of “reset” because we’re so connected all the time. While being connected is a good thing, it’s the old adage that “too much of a good thing can turn bad.” Technology is no different. As great as it is, too much can result in less than desirable outcomes. 

5 Ways to Digital Detox

Pick a day to do it. I like to pick a weekend day because it’s a bit easier

Turn off your computer and social media notifications for at least one day.

Try not to answer your phone, messages, or emails unless it’s an emergency.

Turn off the news, and all things that can trigger anxiety, bad feelings, or something that you feel take away from your ability to be present.

Use the digital detox to get back to something simpler, like journaling, self-care, or even mindfulness/meditation. 

I’m not saying this will solve all your digital problems, but starting small is the easiest way to get a bit of a “reset”. I tend to find I’m more present with my friends, family, and husband when I take these detox days. As I said, doing them during the week can be more difficult. That’s not to say that simply turning off your social media notifications can’t be done, on a Wednesday, but it’s not as easy. We’re just hard-wired to stay connected.

The 5 ways to digital detox that I mentioned earlier are just a starting point. I encourage and challenge you, as my readers to try a one-day “detox”. You may be surprised at how much clearer your mind gets, and how much more “tuned in” you are to those you love the most when you’re not always in the digital abyss. In the meantime, here’s an article on Reasons to Do a Digital Detox

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Until next time, be well and namaste! 

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