5 Self-Care Tips for Men

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Men Need Self-Care too!

There are at least 5 Self-Care Tips for men that are seldom talked about. I know that seems like a broad statement, but as a man, I don’t think much about it and didn’t for a long time. Since self-care, and mindfulness can take many different forms, men may not know where to start. Some just forget about it altogether. Why? Let’s talk about it!

Why Men Forget

They don’t have time

Too much stress at work or at home

Frequently, they don’t see it as a “masculine” thing to do

Finally, they just don’t care enough to think about it

In addition, Looking at the materials and resources for self-care, it quickly becomes apparent that many of them are geared towards women. This can leave men feeling left out, and that can lead to them forgetting that they need to take the time too.

There are many activities that men can do, to practice self-care.

5 Self-Care Tips for Men:

Take a hike in nature

Meditate (5-10 minutes with the Calm app is all it takes) You can find the link to calm in my Products and Resources Page under Meditation.

Write about your day/issues you’re having. You can keep this totally to yourself. After all, this is all about YOU!

Take a weekend trip either by yourself or with a buddy who may need some self-care too.

Find a passion project and go for it!

Admittedly, this isn’t a huge list, but it will get you started. The point is to encourage men to think about their mental, and emotional health. Not only that, but to try and remove the toxic idea that men can’t take charge of those two important areas because “it’s not manly”. I’m not talking about toxic masculinity, I’m talking about men recognizing that they matter too! 

Here’s a great article from Maxim Magazine dated from 2020 with 10 Essential Self-Care Tips for Men. I found it to be very enlightening!

Conventional thinking is wrong!

Frequently, men are told they need to just “suck it up”, and this is just wrong. Self-care is for all, and it’s never selfish. Moreover, this should be something that, as men, we start talking about! I take time each day to practice this amazing routine that I created. As a result, I create the life I want, just by doing what I want. In addition, I make time for my partner’s needs too. I read books, I watch the shows I like. It’s about me! To sum this up, you do you, boo!

Additionally, the idea of self-care being a “woman’s only” thing is such bullshit! When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we men should be happy with what we see. If we aren’t we should be able to take the time to figure out why, and change it! Remember, the power to thrive is within you. All you have to do is grab onto it.

In conclusion, men need to take the time to practice self-care. Turn off the phone for a while. Get cozy in being cozy again. Grab a pair of slippers and a cocktail, or wine. Hell, make it a family affair, if you can!

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