5 Christmas Self-Care Tips

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. Even though the joy of the season seems to be coming back, the stress of making sure things go “perfectly” can create issues around self-care. Let’s talk about 5 Christmas self-care tips that I believe to be SUPER important!

We’ve talked about it a lot here at The Holistic Grotto. The holidays are a perfect time to talk about it again. So many of us are ready for the season but self-care usually goes by the wayside. The reason is because unlike Santa, we don’t have boundless energy. That’s where understanding that pouring from an empty cup isn’t possible. Here are 5 Christmas self-care tips that I live by!

  1. Take time away from the preparation. Just do what you can and take a few minutes, when you feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to get completely engrossed in the holidays, but it’s no excuse to not take some time away from it.
  2. Get enough sleep. This is so important, especially with the excitement of the season. Go to bed early and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it!
  3. Be kind to yourself. You’re not superman (or woman). You can only do so much, and that’s okay. Recognize that while you’re enjoying the time with loved ones.
  4. Give what you can, emotionally and nothing more. That’s right. You can only give so much, emotionally during this time of year. Let’s be honest, this time of year is full of so much stress that the emotional toll can be staggering. Give what you can, and keep the rest for yourself.
  5. Finally, just enjoy the time! It sounds simple, but just enjoy the time with friends, and loved ones. Sit back, relax, and remember this time of year is about as much joy as possible, but not at your own expense. Self-care is healthcare!
5 Christmas Self-Care Tips from baby Santa!
Baby Santa says, “take care of yourself!”

I want to encourage everyone to enjoy the season. It’s been a long few years, and we all need some joy, in our lives. Just make sure to take the time for self-care. Bring yourself to a place of “comfort and joy”. Remember that you’re not responsible for everyone else’s holiday, just yours. So take that bath, walk away from a stressful situation, and practice self-care. I guarantee that it will make your holiday season SO much more enjoyable!

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