10 Journaling Prompts for Everyone

Hello, my lovely readers! This week, I want to talk about 10 Journaling Prompts for Everyone. I love to journal and hope you will use these to enjoy it too!

First, let’s start with why you want to use prompts for your journaling practice. Prompts are a great way to get you started on your entries. There have been so many times when I sit down, wanting to write but for some reason my mind goes blank. Have you ever been there? I bet you have! Sometimes I go to Google and type in journaling prompts. I can usually get inspiration.

Second, ask yourself what are some of the prompts I want to search for? Well, that depends on what I THINK I want to write about. Writing topics down is where I tend to start but the prompts are the biggest barrier for many people who journal. They just get STUCK!

10 Journaling Prompts for Everyone!

10 Journaling Prompts For Everyone

My Top 5 Options
  • What is one thing you do better than anyone in your family?
  • When you think about your future, what do you envision?
  • Write 10 positive things about yourself
  • Go out for a walk in nature. Record what you see, hear, smell, and feel
  • Write about your ideal career. What does it look like?
Other GREAT Ideas
  • List 10 reasons you want to be successful in life and how you will work towards those goals
  • Recall a time when you were your most happy. What did that feel like?
  • Think back to a time when you were sad. What happened that made you sad and how did you overcome it?
  • Write your own mini biography at the age you are right now.
  • Write about how journaling may help others as it has helped you.

These are just a few prompts that can help you get going. I found that the more I thought about it, the easier it became. I do suggest you write these down in a different area than the journal you choose to flesh these prompts out. Alternatively, you can keep these on a notes style app on your phone. This makes them MUCH easier to have on hand if the writing bug starts to itch for you.

Another way to make prompts work for you is to ask those around you some questions. Ask them about what they often think about. It very often will inspire a great question that you can then turn into a great prompt for yourself. When that happens, put it on your list and write about it later.

Additionally, another idea I had when working through this entry. Have a running list of prompts so you never run out. Will there be times that you will run out? Yes, and that’s okay. The idea behind this is to try NOT to run out. Given the fact that we’re almost always thinking, it will create the potential for amazing prompts which will set the foundation for a GREAT journaling session.

Get started on these prompts now by challenging yourself to write for 30 days. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just get writing.

Finally, check out my article on a journaling challenge I completed not too long ago here. Still have questions? Leave them in the comments and I will be SURE to answer them for you!

Be well and Namaste!

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